If There Is Nothing Wrong With My Child, Why Take Them To a Chiropractor?

a picture of a chiropractor shaking hands with a womanFrom a chiropractic position – a child is not different from an adult in how I recommend care. We are all under stress, and the stress load we endure is different and unique to our lifestyle, habits, and personality. These stressors can be physical (poor posture, manual labor, repetitive motions, falls, car accidents), mental/emotional (tough day at work or home, panic and depression, and tough life situations like a death in the family), or chemical (the food we eat and drink, air we breathe, toxins in our environment). Like most people we tend to overload our bodies with stress causing joint fixation, misalignment, muscle tightness and imbalance, and eventually pain. Misalignments are not usually the direct cause of pain. Pain usually arises from a misalignment left untreated long enough to cause muscle spasm and inflammation from improper motion.  This muscle imbalance and inflammation will then irritate the nervous system and cause a reduction in that nerves ability to function, and will cause pain. My approach is to work with the muscles and joints to reduce the pressure and irritation of the nerves and helping the body function better initially, but I almost always recommend some routine care after to help to body stay in alignment. Waiting until your body is in pain to seek chiropractic care is simply waiting too long. Our bodies must be maintained and we must be proactive about taking care of ourselves.

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