Why These Vegetables Are Paramount For A Long Life


When it comes to enjoying a long life, could the color of nature be just what you need?

After all, nobody wants to die young– and in places like Ikaria, a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea, such an idea is pretty far-fetched. That’s because “the island where people forget to die” is stuffed with veggies, proving that if you’re green, you’ll be just fine.

These leaf munchers aren’t totally herbivores, though, as they also consume fish and other critical aspects of a Mediterranean diet– many of which are lean-protein based.

Regardless, the greens these Ikaria inhabitants consume, help them defy modern medical knowledge that suggests you’re on your last leg in your 70s or 80s– if you even get that far in the first place. That’s because Ikaria residents often reach way up into the age stratosphere, touching the century mark and beyond, more often than Americans.

According to TV host and professional chef Diane Kochilas, who’s an expert on the island, Ikaria residents have come to appreciate the power of their greens– and it’s paid dividends to their long-term health.

Take a look below at why Father Time suffers an extra-long moment of defeat when you consume your greens:

Green Giants (For Your Health)

According to Kochilas, “Just the sheer variety [of green vegetables found] on Ikaria and in Greece” has led to a variety of so many delicious meals, many of which are combined with fish or other healthy meats. While you may not know about all the local greens in your area, make it your mission to find out. Find a green veggie at your local farmers market, swiss chard for example, and use it as the star ingredient for all of your homemade meals that week. I have recently become quite a fan of zucchini, as it can be diced or shredded. I know how weird shredded zucchini sounds, but doing so actually makes for some incredible and nutritious noodle alternatives (usually called Zoodles). Because greens are jam-packed with beneficial phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that help your body stay strong and fight off potentially-harmful infections with ease, none of us should go without them.

So what’s your favorite green vegetable? While the lettuce found in most burgers is relatively absent of nutrition, I like to include spinach instead, as it offers a vastly superior nutritional content.


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