Why Losing Weight Shouldn’t Be All About What’s On The Outside


This wonderfully-long summer break has hopefully given us lots of free time to practice good workouts and healthy eating decisions— but if you’re one of the many who did no such thing this summer, fear not!

That’s because many people end up having put on weight by summer’s close, as both eating and drinking at beach parties, combined with missed gym days, can lead to a flabby waistline and wishful thinking. Luckily, though, even as the final days of summer begin to end, there’s still time to salvage your health by engaging in a healthy lifestyle– starting now. After all, there’s no better time than now, right!?

But what you find yourself perhaps lacking is the motivation to pump you up again. Even if you’re someone who finds weight loss to be a constant uphill climb (instead of an easily-attainable end result, like some of those lucky high-metabolized friends of yours), it could be time to re-evaluate your goals. While we certainly all want to look and feel great, losing that weight can be a more wholesome experience than you think, if you allow it.

Stop trusting that full-body mirror as your eternal source of motivation– and check out why your actual long-term health and bodily strength is so much more important than what you see (or want to see).

Why Human Accomplishment Is More About Physical Health

One way ancient philosophers believed humans could measure their accomplishments is through objective– but personally-significant– physical strength and overall health. This is particularly the case when you’re dropping weight; after all, “skinny” doesn’t automatically make you “healthy.” True, you do lower your chances of getting many illnesses by just dropping weight– but without consistent exercise and a nutritious diet, you can still be surprisingly unhealthy internally, despite looking skinny externally. If you want to experience the benefits of this important truth, you should forget about the fad diets and focus on implementing a nutritious and delicious diet into your daily regimen. Also, look to include an exercise routine into your weekly schedule; both of these health-related improvements are prerequisites to bettering your health, which will keep it “lookin’ good” for the long haul!

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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