Why A Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Is The Perfect Snack


Everybody likes strawberry-banana smoothies, right? Everybody who’s anybody, of course.

Just kidding! But seriously: who doesn’t like the perfect blend of rich, tasty fruit in liquefied dairy form?

Though recipes for the perfect mid-day treat might vary, oftentimes including milk or heavy cream or a slew of other thickening ingredients, the perfect strawberry-banana blend is stuffed with tasty nutritional goodness.

Check out just what that nutrition looks like below:

Nutrition Facts

Just a 12-ounce serving of strawberry-banana smoothie carries as few as 188 calories, making it a super choice for a snack. The Diet Channel says you should keep your snack calories between 100 and 200, which gives you enough energy to ward off any persistent hunger pangs until your next meal, but won’t have you feeling too stuffed to eat much come mealtime. If you don’t use milk (or very little milk), your smoothie should hold just one gram of fat at most, though this figure can vary depending on the way in which your smoothie is created. What you put in your smoothie also might affect the amount of protein and carbohydrates inside it.

These macronutrients provide your body with plenty of energy, which makes it important to consume enough of them during the day so you don’t feel lethargic, fatigued, or weak. That being said, watch your carbohydrate consumption, as eating too many of them during the day could be a fast track to weight gain!

Also, the amount of protein you consume might vary depending on your fitness goals. For example, I’m looking to get in better shape, which ultimately means creating more muscle. Considering protein is the backbone nutrient for achieving greater muscle mass, my protein intake might be higher than an average adult who doesn’t share my same fitness goals. It’s important to match your nutrition plan to your individual needs. 

Strawberry-Banana Benefits

The fruit found in strawberry-banana smoothies offer tons of health benefits– especially if you have it sparingly. Banana’s fiber helps regulate digestion, while its potassium helps reduce your risk of incurring kidney stones. On the other side of the smoothie, strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C (better than oranges, even!) and carry tons of antioxidants that fight against arthritic symptoms. In finishing, a strawberry-banana smoothie is the perfect choice for anyone’s mid-afternoon treat– so get to sippin’!


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