Three Simple Food Resolutions You Should Make Today


With each new year brings new challenges, new rewards, and, of course– new resolutions. One of the more prominent “New Year’s Resolutions” revolves around changes in your diet, so let’s check out three things you might want you to start doing about your diet in 2014.

Get In The Kitchen!

“You can’t out-exercise a bad habit.” Those are the very words of ACE-certified trainer and founder of, Petrina Hamm. While many place too much emphasis on their workout programs and not enough on the nutrients needed to fuel them, they don’t understand that they are putting themselves in a position where there are less fitness results to be had. Cooking up simple, healthy foods like lightly-seasoned chicken, veggie omelettes, whole wheat pasta, beans, fruit platters, and Greek yogurt provide a great way to keep your diet in top form this year.

Reward Yourself

By treating yourself when you accomplish fitness goals, it reinforces why you’re doing them and gives you a reasonable sense of accomplishment and motivation (plus excitement!) for your next workout hurdle. Plus, you’ll start working out harder in anticipation for your next self-treat, and might begin spending the “reward” money on things like Greek yogurt, trail mix, or a piece of fruit! As your priorities become more entrenched with your fitness goals, the things you spend your money on will too.

Cut Down on Alcohol

You’ve heard it before: no pain, no gain! With alcohol, you’ll be getting both the next morning. Alcohol does wonders to your waistline in the wrong direction, and it’s not enough to just “want” that flat stomach– you’ve got to sacrifice some things in order to get it, too. So cut out all the unnecessary alcohol from your diet, as even red wine (which has been shown to produce heart-healthy benefits) can have excess calories that add to your waistline in a hurry.


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