The Versatility Of This Superfood Is Just Nutty

almondsWhen it comes to nuts, what are some special features they possess?

Check out three of the lesser-known benefits of this superfood below.

1. Pancreatic Cancer Preventers

Pancreatic cancer is both one of the deadliest cancers in the U.S. as well as one of the hardest to prevent. It used to be that the only modifiable behaviors believed to decrease pancreatic cancer risk was quitting smoking and losing weight. Now, it looks like munching on nuts might also be a solid prevention technique for this deadly cancer, say researchers from Harvard Medical School.

They realized that women who ingested one ounce of nuts two times each week had a noticeably lower risk for cancer. Also, these nuts appeared to offer a protective effect regardless of BMI, diabetic history, physical activity, smoking, or other health-related factors.

2. Inflammation Battler

Inflammation is a natural stress response- but it can become a variety of different chronic conditions if not dealt with. Fortunately, Brazilian researchers concluded that nuts help decrease inflammation.

A single serving of Brazil nuts led to noticeable drops in four different inflammation factors as well as a rise in an anti-inflammatory trigger in the blood. This single serving of Brazil nuts actually started decreasing inflammation just nine hours after being consumed- and it kept inflammation at a minimum for 30 days.

3. Brain Buddy

Fish aren’t the only brain food around- a review of nut and cognition research from The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concluded that nuts could boost several cognitive health factors. People on diets supplied with nuts show improved levels of brain chemicals that are found in conjuction with synaptic plasticity, neurotransmitter release, and brain cell survival.

Furthermore, animal studies have shown that mice on diets filled with walnuts have improved learning abilities, memory, and protection against cognitive impairment. The researchers thought these benefits could be accredited to the nut’s ability to improve heart health while decreasing inflammation

Always remember to consult your physician or chiropractor before taking any health advice.

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