The Dos and Don’ts of Detoxes and Cleanses

Breakfast of Champions!Detoxes and cleanses are very mainstream in the health world right now. You may already be planning one for before your Thanksgiving festivities or afterwards as a recovery from overeating. However, just because many detoxes and cleanses have given some individuals some amazing results does not mean they are right for everyone. In fact, doing the wrong cleanse for you can backfire. Follow these top dos and don’ts to partake in a detox or cleanse that are right for your health.

  1. Don’t Do It To Be Trendy: So many individuals will try to do a popular cleanse or detox because a lot of their friends are doing it or because they want to drop a few pounds quickly. These are definitely the wrong reasons to start a cleanse. You can definitely experience better health and weight loss through eating clean and focusing on adding superfoods to your diet. A dramatic detox can leave you feeling depressed, moody, and cause you to overeat.
  2. Do Pick the Right Cleanse for You: For some individuals, they enjoy drinking fresh pressed juices for a week. They reap many health benefits, but that doesn’t mean every one should try it. Everyone can benefit from some type of cleanse or detox, but they don’t have to be extreme. Just cutting out caffeine, common allergens, or sugar for a set amount of time can prove highly beneficial.
  3. Don’t Overdo It With Workouts: If you are going to participate in a healthy detox, it is best to give intense workouts a rest. Stick with gentle walking and stretching exercises instead, since your body will need the energy to heal.
  4. Do Use a Cleanse to Help Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle: It would be pointless to spend a week detoxing if you just go back to eating junk food. Instead, use your time of cleansing or detoxing to launch yourself into a healthy lifestyle. For example, perhaps you are detoxing from sugar for a month. The next best thing is to follow up the detox with a healthy diet that allows very little sugar, or perhaps an occasional treat on the weekends.

It may be tempting to try the latest and greatest detox in the news, but your health would benefit greater from something not so extreme. With most healthy matters, it is best to make lifestyle changes that are developed over time instead of rash, dramatic changes.


Remember to consult your chiropractor or doctor before taking any health advice.

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