Sing a Song and Boost Your Memory

Orange Bird SingingDo you love music? No matter what your favorite genre is, majority of people love music. It is just wired into us. Music is also a great way to keep your memory sharp, as well. There is a reason why you can remember that one song from your child or teen years, yet you cannot remember other important information needed for work. It is all in the power of singing.

New studies have found that singing helps the memory in two different ways. First, the act of singing can help you become a better problem solver. This is especially important in the work field or when you are stuck in a dilemma. The idea behind this is that the right side of the brain is stimulated, which is the side that helps with pattern recognition power. So when you are stuck with a problem, try making up a little song and singing it to see if that can help you.

The second way that singing and music can help you is through memorizing lyrics to a new song. Memorizing the lyrics to songs you enjoy are pretty easy, and you have probably been doing this little skill since you were a child. The act of memorizing boosts your levels of acetylcholine, which is connected to your overall memory. How can you use this trait to help you? Before you have to study or learn new material for school or work, take a few minutes to get your brain working by learning a new song. This can help you and your brain get motivated to learn the other material for school or work too.

So next time you need a little memory boost, try singing a little song. You don’t even have to be good at singing to benefit from this little tip. You can help stimulate your brain through the music or you can help yourself remember an important task by putting it with a song. However you use music to help you remember, you are sure to find yourself remembering the certain item much longer than you expected.


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