Roseville Chiropractic Patients Could See Relief With Optic Nerve Problems

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Chiropractic care has been found to provide serious health benefits for people with various symptoms, from sore muscles to Alzheimer’s disease, child colic to autism. But could chiropractic care’s therapeutic relief even extend to the optic nerve and, by default, a person’s vision?

A study looked to discuss a case of presumptive optic nerve ischemia experiencing improvement because of expert spinal manipulative therapy.

The clinical features involve a 62-yr-old male patient who was afflicted with a one-week history of monocular visual dysfunction linked with headaches and neck discomfort. Ocular evaluation didn’t show any pathology in the optic nerve, head or retina that might describe the dysfunction of vision. However, based on physical indicators, a preliminary clinical diagnosis of optic nerve ischemia was given.

The clinical intervention led to an outcome that included drastic vision improvement during the study week of chiropractic spinal manipulation therapy. This was measured by serial computerized static perimetry and considered fully valid by normal study standards.

In conclusion, this case study shows that the function of the optic nerve was improved after being looked at before (and after) spinal manipulation through computerized static perimetry use. It shows that spinal manipulation can influence the performance of the optic nerve in certain patients, maybe because of raised vascular perfusion. Current hypotheses regarding this study outcome claim that obstruction of the cervical spine initiates microvascular spasm in the cerebral vasculature, which can pertain to that of the eye.

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