Quick Ways to Burn Calories in December

Me SnowboardingDecember brings about a lot of responsibilities and puts a lot of items on your to-do list. While baking sugar cookies and wrapping presents may be fun, it does not burn a whole lot of calories. And with more tasks on your to-do list, you don’t have a whole lot of time to burn off the extra goodies you eat. Here are three ways to stay fit this season without much effort.

  1. Do It Early: We know that it is hard to wake up early when it is still dark and cold outside, but if you wake up early enough to do a 20-30 minute workout, you will start your whole day off better. A quick 30-minute workout can burn 250-350 calories, while improving your energy and focus on the rest of the day.
  2. The Multitask Workout: Use your workout time to catch up with friends or make much-needed phone calls to family members. It can be hard to sync schedules this time of the year. Scheduling a power walk or spin class with a friend will help you catch up and burn some calories. You can always use the time to call family members you will not see during the holidays while you work out on a machine at the gym.
  3. Increase the Intensity: There is a reason why HIIT (high intensity interval) workouts are so popular. They take less time and can burn more calories throughout the day.  Usually HIIT workouts do not even require special equipment or knowledge. Just search a quick HIIT workout you can do at home for ideas.
  4. Enjoy Some Winter Fun: If you can fit skiing, snowboarding, or other active winter sports into your agenda, then you will certainly burn a lot of calories while having a blast. Even just having a snowball fight with your family will ensure a lot of laughs and calories burned.

You may be busy this holiday season, but don’t let that be an excuse to not burn calories. Stay on top of you’re your workouts this month to avoid gaining holiday weight.


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