Nine Foods Every Runner Needs

RunnersWhat do you like to eat before a run or hard workout? Running and working out are not the only keys to being healthy. A healthy diet is essential, and what you eat before and after your workout can really help. Try these nine healthy staples before and after your run.

  1. Sweet Potatoes: Runners need good carbs to help fuel their workouts. Sweet potatoes are a great carb to eat before a run, and they also have a lot of necessary minerals for recovery. Sweet potatoes are also full of magnesium, which can help improve performance and muscle function.
  2. Eggs: Need a good dose of protein on the go? A hard-boiled egg is the perfect solution. Eggs also contain all of the amino acids that the body needs to thrive. Eat eggs after a workout to help rebuild muscle.
  3. Black Beans: Black beans are another great carb to fuel workouts. Black beans also contain essential protein and antioxidants that will aid in workout recovery.
  4. Salmon: Need the perfect after-workout meal? Indulge in salmon. Salmon is full of healthy fats and protein. It also has a healthy dose of omega-3s, which will act as an anti-inflammatory in your body. This will help reduce any aches and pains the next day.
  5. Berries: Another good snack that is full of anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants are berries. Grab a handful before or after a run to prevent soreness after your workout.
  6. Greek Yogurt: Greek yogurt has two things working for it. It is full of protein and calcium. Calcium will help protect bones and prevent stress factors. Stay away from the varieties with added sugar, and Greek yogurt can help blast away tummy flab.
  7. Coffee: We aren’t encouraging you to grab a Starbucks before your run. However, drinking coffee before your workout has been known to increase endurance and performance. Keep your coffee black to reap the most benefits.
  8. Quinoa: Looking for a carb that also has protein and essential amino acids? Quinoa is the right choice for you. Quinoa offers runners the best of both worlds and is the perfect nutrition within itself.
  9. Lean Beef: Since runners tend to have higher blood volumes than others, their bodies go through iron quicker. Replenish your iron and energy levels with a delicious steak!

Running is a great exercise for beginners and experts alike. To get the most out of your run, you need a healthy diet to support it. A vitamin-rich diet will make your runs better, help your body recover, and even help with weight loss or maintenance.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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