Is Facebook Making You Unhappy?

FacebookHow much time do you waste on Facebook each week? You may think that you re connecting with good friends and sharing your life, but new studies suggest that Facebook usage is hurting your mental health, rather than benefiting it. Take a look at how one study shows that Facebook doesn’t really make us as happy as we think it does.

The study done tracked young adults who used Facebook frequently. Over a two-week span, the researchers concluded that the more time the individuals spent on Facebook, the worse they felt.

This isn’t the only study done on the disadvantages of Facebook. There are also studies that show that increased Facebook usage can lead to depression, and even pediatricians are advised to ask children about their Facebook to determine if there is any depression in the kids. People experience their emotions through the website without realizing it. For example, they feel envy if someone gets something they want, feel horrible when a ex says something horrible about them, and so on.

So how can the face of social media cause so much grief? The depression from Facebook comes from everything being right in front of your face. Also, most people will only put up the best of their lives on Facebook. Therefore, when you hop on to the site after a stressful day at work, you are bound to see your friend’s smiling kids who seem to never disobey, another friend who was able to take a trip to Hawaii, and yet another friend who got promoted. You only see the positive of friends’ lives and it can easily make anyone feel like they got the wrong draw of the cards.

Another reason why Facebook leads to depression or unhappiness is because many individuals use the site to gain value. Meaning, someone knows they are smart or good looking based off of how many likes and comments they get. However, when a person puts up a picture of himself or herself or a status update, and no one likes it or comments on it, it can make an individual not feel worthy or valued by their friends.

In conclusion, Facebook is not the enemy here, but it can be a tool that makes you unhappy. If your Facebook account is making you feel envious, irritated, or unhappy, you might want to evaluate your social life. Try spending more time with friends in person rather than online. Also, there is nothing wrong with limiting your Facebook exposure or deactivating your account for a little bit.


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