College Students – Here’s Why You Need A Chiropractor

Stressed College StudentFrequent back pain is usually thought of as something that occurs in old age, usually starting when someone is forty or fifty. However, more and more college students are suffering from back pain, as well. If you are a college student, we have three reasons why you should visit the chiropractor today:

  1. Modern Times Call for More Adjustments: One of the main reasons why so many college students are suffering from back pain is because of the use of technology. College students are more likely to be on their laptops or hunched over the school computer as they study and finish up projects. Combat the back pain and prevent future back pain issues with regular adjustments. Of course, adjustments should not replace good posture, but they can help.
  2. College Athletes Can Prevent Injuries: For most college sports, the training and games are a lot more aggressive than they were in high school. One injury can have a player out of the game for life. Regular wellness adjustments help keep the spine healthy and the body mobile. When the body and spine are able to move freely, fewer injuries will occur.
  3. Increase Your Focus: It is hard to stay focused in class, whether from frequent headaches or just because of brain fog. Chiropractic care can help with that. In many cases, headaches and having a difficult time focusing is the cause of a subluxation, in other words a misalignment, in the spine or neck. Wellness adjustments can gently fix this problem and help you pay better attention in class.

Now, we know what you are thinking. You probably just had ramen noodles for lunch; how in the world are you going to afford a chiropractor? The Joint offers effective treatment with affordable payment plans for visits that often cost less than a single health insurance co-payment. Chiropractic provides benefits for individuals of all ages, so there are no more excuses to continue suffering from back, neck, or joint pain.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or primary care physician before taking any medical advice.

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