Chiropractic Care Regulates Otitis Media Symptoms in Roseville

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The medical practices used throughout the industrial world today are starting to rightfully celebrate the many different benefits arising from chiropractic care across the globe. Chiropractic care, a holistic therapy technique that has yielded only positive results in recent times, is no longer being ignored by even the most unbelieving of medical practitioners.

Sadly, pediatric otitis media with effusion is both costly– and common. While chiropractors have claimed major success in dealing with otitis media, there has so far been little research to support such statements. Meanwhile, parents are being forced to submit to costly treatments so that their child can reap the developmental benefits of hearing. Clearly, the traditional treatment of otitis media is at a standstill. 

But one pilot study hoped to analyze the feasibility behind implementing a full-scale randomized clinical trial that looked at the effectiveness of chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy (SMT) for pediatric patients suffering from chronic otitis media with effusion.

This parallel-group, observer-blinded study included a total of 22 patients between the ages of six months to six years. Each child patient was administered either real chiropractic SMT or placebo chiropractic SMT. This was done to gauge the true efficacy of chiropractic as a treatment method. Furthermore, daily diaries were obtained monitoring the boys’ progress.

Five different newspaper advertisements during a six-month span elicited 105 responses that ultimately culminated in 20 patients being used in the study. Tympanometric and otoscopic information was gathered and proved to be difficult, though treatment compliance, overall evaluation protocols, and daily diary use was superb. Furthermore, there were no indications of severe side effects resulting in either of the chiropractic treatments.

In conclusion, recruiting for a controlled trial is both feasible and could be improved through efficient collaboration. Both patients and their parents were able to participate in a study that valued active SMT along with placebo SMT. Parents were very compliant with daily diaries, which would suggest that likewise functional measures might be successfully implemented in bigger trials going forward. Furthermore, SMT methods and other chiropractic techniques appeared to offer more viable relief when actually used (as compared with sham results).

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