Big Purses Equal Big Pain Problems

My bagWe see them everywhere! Big handbags are one fashion statement that is not going away any time soon. While the look of a big purse is fashionable, it could be the reason why your back and shoulders are feeling a little more in pain than usual. Here are some key points to keep in mind if you want to look fashionable without the back pain.

Keep Your Bag Less Than 10 Percent of Your Weight: Don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask you how much you weigh. However, it is a very good idea to know what ten percent of your body weight is. Why? Because that is how heavy your bag should be. For most women, that means you shouldn’t be carrying around a purse that is heavier than fifteen pounds.

Utilize Your Office Space: We spend so much time at our jobs, so why don’t we utilize them for storage space? We aren’t suggesting you move your closet to your cubicle, but why not keep your work shoes or work jacket at the office. Perhaps you can keep them in a filing cabinet that can be locked. If your office doesn’t work, your car might. Just don’t use your purse as a closet.

Separate Your Essentials: It is very common for women to carry around huge purses and totes and use them as their multi-purpose bag. However, there is no reason to lug around your gym shoes if you only workout on Fridays. Keep your essentials separated. This means you should have a bag dedicated just to the gym, one for the laptop, and so on.  

Go Mini: Take a look at everything in your purse. What are the essentials? From those essentials, what are items that you can find in a smaller size? For example, if you must carry around lip-gloss or hand lotion, can you find a smaller size to carry in your purse. Also, if you downsize your bag, you will be much less tempted to carry everything and the kitchen sink in it.

Ladies, your purses don’t have to be as heavy as your firstborn child. Keep a light load and remember you can always use your office or car to store more essentials.


Story Credit, Image Credit: My bag by Zemlinki! Used under Creative Commons license.

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