Better Sleep Effortlessly

SleepingFor some people, sleep comes effortlessly. They are able to turn off the light, lay their head down, and drift off to sleep, despite what went on during the day. Millions of others are not so lucky. Many find themselves tossing and turning and plagued with thoughts of the day. Here are a few tips to try to fall asleep effortlessly. They are worth a try, since better sleep equals better health.

The best way to get to sleep effortlessly is to train yourself to develop good sleeping habits. It may take a few days to stick with the habits, but once you incorporate them into your daily routine, better sleep is sure to follow.

1. A Little Cardio Is Good: There have been several studies done to show the link between poor sleep habits and poor fitness levels. The best thing to try is to add a little aerobic exercise in your day. Avoid exercising too late in the day, since that can have an adverse affect on your sleep habits. Even if you do not have time to exercise, a ten-minute walk can help too.

2. Say No to Sleeping In: Another important step to try is to wake up the same time every morning. This means not sleeping in on the weekends. This can help keep your body’s clock regular, making sleep easier to come by at nighttime.

3. Smaller Meals at Night: Many people toss and turn due to stomach and digestion issues. Even if you are not aware of indigestion happening, many can suffer from it while sleeping, making their actual slumber time less productive. Bigger meals at night can also tell the body that it is time to digest, rather than cueing the sleep signals. To fix this problem, aim to eat your bigger meals at breakfast and lunch, and keep your dinner small. It is also wise to forgo alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine at night, since they can all affect sleepiness.

Don’t let your sleeping problems stay problems for too long. Create healthy habits that will help you sleep better. Keep a regular bedtime, minimize nighttime distractions, and relax an hour before bedtime to experience better sleep this week.


Remember to always consult your chiropractor or physician before taking any health advice.

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