Avoid Food Contamination With These Tips

It is crucial to keep your food clean during the preparation process.  It is even more important now that e-coli has seem to run rampant.  Throughout Europe, there have been an increased report of contamination of produce.  Use these tips to help prevent illness from food contamination.


If It’s 71, It’s Done – Make sure that you cook your food to at least 71 degrees to help decrease the risk of contamination.

Clean Thoroughly – Wash all your produce and dry before you begin preparing it.  Even if you are peeling the vegetable, make sure you wash it before, after and during the peeling process.

Chill Produce – If you aren’t using it, make sure it is covered and refrigerated.  If you defrost things, make sure you do so on the lowest shelf of your fridge.

Separate Your Produce – Don’t mix different types of fruits and veggies.  Separate each leaf of lettuce on a head when you are washing.


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