Are You Guilty of These Workout Nutrition Mistakes?

Running StylesWe all know that working out is essential for better health. However, many individuals that do work out ruin their workout with one of these diet mistakes. Are you guilty of making one or more?

  1. You Don’t Eat Enough Fat: Every diet needs good fat, such as fat from raw olive oil, nuts, or avocados. Yet, so many people avoid fat entirely because they don’t want to be fat. The right amount of good fat will not make you fat, though. Instead it will do the opposite. Good fats can help keep you fuller longer and delay the stomach emptying all of its contents. The lack of fat in your diet can lead to fatigue and even injury during working out.
  2. You Drink a Sports Drink: Many individuals do not need a sports drink when they work out. Sports drinks are better for individuals who are working out for more than 90 minutes or for those exercising in hot and humid conditions. Sports drinks are packed with sugar, so avoid them if you don’t need them. Instead, just plain water will keep you hydrated through your workout.
  3. You Don’t Eat After A Workout: We understand your thinking. You just burned a lot of calories and don’t want to derail your hard work. However, providing your body with a little nutrition after a workout can help your body repair itself. Eating a small meal after your workout may even boost your metabolism and help you get leaner.
  4. You Only Eat Protein After a Workout: Protein is great for restoring nutrients after a workout, but a better approach for fueling your body after a workout is to have a balanced meal with protein, vegetables, good fat, and whole grains. So instead of just eating a few ounces of chicken, your post-workout meal would be a few ounces of chicken, a half-cup of quinoa, and a cup of steamed vegetables with 1 tablespoon of olive oil on top.
  5. You Overeat Your Recovery Meal: Many individuals will grab a protein bar or smoothie right after their workout, then have a full lunch or dinner an hour or two later. This is not beneficial for most because it ends up being too many calories and carbs. Instead, just focus on eating a balanced meal after your workout and skip the protein bar and smoothie all together.

Working out is great for your health, but don’t derail your efforts by making one of the five mistakes above. You work hard in the gym, so make sure it counts by following the right nutritional guidelines.


Story Credit, Image Credit: Running Styles by Chris Hunkeler. Used under Creative Commons license.

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