6 Things You Shouldn’t Fret About This Year


In 2013, it was reported that working women were more stressed than ever before, millennials were named the most stressed out generation, while employees in demanding positions are constantly at risk for burnout. Here a few simple things you can stop stressing about this year, so that your productive life, work life, social life, and day to day life can be a little more relaxed.

Your email inbox.

According to a study done by the University of California, taking a hiatus from your emails can reduce stress and even make you more productive. Ignore the growing number of unread messages on the weekend; these two short days are meant for rest and relaxation, especially if you have a full time job. This year, vow to leave that email stress behind and regain your sense of self away from your needy inbox.

Gaining five pounds.

These days, we seem to scrutinize everything about our looks, especially when comes to weighing in on the scale. It’s important for our mental health to remember that our weight can fluctuate on a daily basis due to one big meal or several other naturally occurring factors. Leave behind your body insecurities for once.

Not loving CrossFit, SoulCycle, Piloxing, or any other trending workout.

As long as you’re exercising and doing something you love, who cares what type of workout is trending at the moment. Not a huge fan of CrossFit? Do you prefer yoga to that fancy Pilates class at the gym? Don’t worry about it. Keep jogging with your running buddy and practicing your usual yoga routine at the park. Your body and brain will still thank you for it.

Taking an actual lunch break.

Research has found that eating lunch away from your desk is actually more beneficial to productivity than eating in front of the computer. The workaholic habit of eating in your cubicle may be causing you more stress and draining your stores of creativity. So next time you want to try out that new sushi place down the street, don’t feel guilty, your work may actually improve because of it.

Drinking coffee.

If you have a coffee habit, don’t worry. Your morning cup(s) of caffeinated goodness are healthfully enriched with antioxidants; while even the scent of a morning brew can reduce stress. If you’ve been feeling guilty or anxious about your current coffee consumption, leave your worries behind and embrace the morning ritual. As long as you’re not drinking coffee after 2 p.m., which can disrupt a good night’s sleep, you’re doing just fine.

Your friends’ engagements, babies, or work promotions.

Comparing yourself to others can stress you out and rob you of your current happiness. Each person’s life is different in wonderful ways, and just because your friends from high school and college are slapping on engagement rings doesn’t mean you need the same priorities to be happy. This year, make a promise to cultivate gratitude in the present and take pride in your current priorities and know that you’re on the right track for your wellbeing.


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