3 Snoozy Ways To Sleep Quick After Late-Night Workouts

You’ve heard it before: exercise helps you sleep. It can help you enter Dreamland faster, and for longer.

But how many of you late-night gym rats have found something entirely different? As someone who works during the day and only has time to work out after dinner, most of my workouts occur during this twilight time of day– and many of them have ended with one heck of a time getting to sleep that night!

According to research, working out “too close to bedtime can actually give you a jolt of energy” that keeps you awake for far too long. One study even uncovered evidence that people slept nearly 45 minutes longer during “days they were less active.”

If finding time to work out earlier during the day is your dilemma, then have no fear: you don’t need to choose between not working out or getting little sleep during nights you do intend on working out. I will admit, I have sometimes skipped my workout entirely because I felt torn between wanting to get some shuteye, and wanting to get my cardio on! Now, that’s no longer the case. 

That’s because these three tips will get you to bed smoothly and soundly, even if “you’re hopping straight from squats into the sack!”

Get Low

That’s right: low-impact, that is. Do your high-intensity workouts during available morning times (like on the weekends or your days off), and exercise using less-intense routines come nightfall. Whether it’s going out for a midnight stroll or partaking in some yoga, think about ending your late-night workouts with a few yoga poses to further prepare your body for bedtime; these relaxing movements and breath development will allow your heart rate to reach a resting state necessary for sleep.

Cool It Quick!

Not only is hopping into bed right after a workout gross (come on, no shower? Ughh), it’s pretty ineffective, too: getting that dirt and grime off your frame is crucial for a cleaner, better sleep. Research has even found that your core temperature drops on its own just prior to bedtime, allowing your body’s sleep systems to begin initiation. In fact, once you hop out of the tub and start drying off, your body temperature will fall, initiating sleepiness!

Raid The Fridge…A Little

Eating post-workout can be a blessing or a curse: if you scarf down too much, you’ll have too much energy in your belly to pass out, but if you don’t eat enough, your hungry tum will make sure Dreamland isn’t an option. So enjoy a light snack that has both carbohydrates and protein so you can experience proper recovery paramount for a good night’s sleep. 

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